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an artist living in Brooklyn New York.  

(in middle school, had a terrific art teacher

for three years.  Thank you, Mr Black! ) 

went to architecture, then art school in the midwest. Graduated IowaState with a degree they created just for him!


moved to NYC having never been before. 

worked at several places that are no longer in business;

   The Gallery at Workbench, Ceramique Francoise

and Summa Gallery. 


was allowed by Red Burns admittance and 

went to graduate school at NYU's Tisch School's Interactive Telecommunications Program. (ITP)

eventually got a job in the photo studio of

Christie's Auction House.

struggled with indecipherable office politics and the endless grind of  working on photographs of other people's work,

After several years, decided to leave.

worked thru his own farewell party

to meet a deadline for the

contemporary specialists; 

looking at you, Brett Gorvy!

Remember the big gray Johns piece?, 

everyone else had a nice celebration. 

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